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AlturaTech Caribbean is a privately owned company that seeks to transform the market with its innovative product. Not your average company, we specialize in dash cams that can play an integral part in the event of an accident or an attempted break in, of your vehicle or premises. Our core function is to provide you with quality products, based on customers’ needs; build sustainable relationships; We are committed to a high standard of integrity, encourage innovation, are adaptable to change and willing to take risks.

The Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) has reported that 400,000 motor vehicles are licenced in Jamaica, and of that figure, 300,000 were insured as at December 2014. It therefore means that for every four vehicles you pass on the road, one is uninsured.

Frequently on the roads one comes in contact with ruthless drivers, who sometimes cause unforgettable experiences, for some, fatal and oftentimes there is no one to tell the true tale of what occurred. We are here to solve problems with drivers such as those by providing video evidence of the accident, capturing hit and runs along with providing protection for your parked vehicle and protection from insurance fraud., You will even be able to share fun or unlikely events with family and friends.

In 2012, the Founder of AlturaTech was involved in what could have been a hit and run accident if the police had not been on the scene; the third party had no insurance and my car was totalled. Thus our goal is to help minimize cases like these, as drivers will be more cautious knowing the other driver may have a camera installed. In general, persons will become more aware when they know that evidence can be used against them.

Please take the time out to check our gallery page where your eyes will be opened to the wonderful world of dash cams. Pictures tell a thousand words but a video tells the story…….

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