Why Choose Us

  • QUALITY We take great pride in providing
    quality equipment at affordable prices.
    We believe in buying once and buying right.
    Value Added Sevice - we do more than
    just sell.

Our Mission

  • COMMITTED There is no feeling you learn to appreciate more than your security and protecting your assets. We are an innovative
    and dynamic company that is here to serve you with excellent service.


Who Needs A Dashcam ?

  • Get out of a ticket
  • Have a record of your accident
  • Review your teenager’s driving skills
  • Make you a better driver
  • Help fight insurance fraud
  • Capture unexpected events
  • Have an eye on your
    unattended vehicle
Reasons why learn more>>

Accidents at a stop light

Insurance Fraud caught on dash cam

Parking mode accidents

Hit and run accidents

12 Months Warranty!

  • High quality cameras
  • Product Support
  • Value For Your Money

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